Psychological Reactance

One reason I get along much better with the gun community (besides the fact I love guns) than, say, the liberal arts community is because few people in the gun community demand I change my behavior to suit their needs. I don’t have to listen to members of the gun community telling me how driving a Ford Ranger is evil and that I should switch to a battery-filled Prius or how upgrading computers periodically is killing the planet. Instead when I pull up with my Ford Ranger I’m asked why I drive such a small truck and am urged to man up and get a Ford Earthfucker.

Like myself the majority of the gun community is afflicted by a psychological phenomenon known as reactance:

Reactance is an emotional reaction in direct contradiction to rules or regulations that threaten or eliminate specific behavioral freedoms.

Basically when somebody tells those afflicted with psychological reactance to do something we do the opposite because we fucking can. No better (and hilarious) demonstration of this can be found than Jay’s response to some stupid fat sow telling people what they should be driving:

The guy handled it a lot better than I would have – about 10 seconds in I’d have started the truck up and revved it to redline a dozen times just to piss her off more. Then I’d have put it in 4WD and driven around with the A/C on – just to burn more gas. Hell, the way she was running her mouth, I’d have set fire to some plastic and then sprayed some 1980s hair spray just to widen the hole in the ozone to match her gaping maw.

I think I might look into a Hemi Challenger to complement the Earthf**ker just to piss bints like her off…

Just a future note for those who wish to control what others do: many people do not response well to such attempted authority. I personally respond poorly to people telling me what to do and instead will go out of my way to do the opposite just to piss a controlling asshole off. For example when a couple of Occupy Minneapolis members were talking about blocking off the entrance to U.S. Bank I instantly reacted by noting such action would be met with me breaking their line. I don’t hold an account with U.S. Bank nor do I like them so why would I purposely go out of my way to break through their line? Because that’s how I respond to attempts to control my behavior. Trying to tell me what I can and can’t do, even if I never had a desire to do that, is going to result in me giving you the finger and going out of my way to do the activity that you’re are trying to prohibit.

Personally I have nothing against environmentalism until its advocates attempt to control what I eat, drive, and enjoy as hobbies. Every time somebody tells me that I need to stop eating meat to save the planet I’m going to head to Fogo de Chao and eat a metric fuck ton of beef. When somebody says I shouldn’t drive a truck because it’s polluting the environment I’m going to start my truck and make some needless one mile trips just to burn gas. My message to all of you who try to control the behavior of others is this: fuck you! I am a free individual and will live my life as I damn well please.