Apparently if Ron Paul Wins the Republican Nomination It’ll be Blamed on Evil Hackers

I’ve always through Thom Hartman was an idiot and a shill but he really putting his dickery into overdrive this time:

Today we learned that our democracy could be hacked by an eighth grader with 26 bucks.

That’s what a security assessment team with the US Department of Energy discovered when they successfully hacked into a Diebold electronic voting machine – and were able to change voting results without leaving a trace behind.


And today – with the rise of hack-activist groups like Anonymous – this gaping hole in the security of our elections – could be exploited for absurd purposes.

We’ve already seen what Anonymous is capable of – from taking down government websites in Tunisia – Egypt – Libya – Syria – and Bahrain – to hacking into emails belong to the security firm HB Gary Federal – to taking on Bank of America – to organizing mass protests against San Francisco’s transportation system – to most recently uncovering the identity of a New York City cop who maced women on Wall Street and posting his name, address, and family members on the web – and the list really goes on and on and on.

So imagine – if they and other hackers coordinated together to hack into voting machines nationwide – and skew the voting results of, say, the Republican Party Primaries coming up in a couple of months.

Suddenly – Libertarian hero Ron Paul might be the guy to take on President Obama.

Emphasis mine. Apparently Thom believes the only way Ron Paul can get the nomination is if evil hackers circumvent our democracy and use security holes in electronic voting machines to rig the results. Is Thom trying to start a meme to throw out election results if Ron Paul wins because it could only happen if hackers rigged the vote?

I guess Dr. Paul couldn’t get the nomination simply by being the only candidate with a brain. With that said everybody is well aware of the fact that these voting machines are vulnerable to attack and that is why many of us had opposed their adoption.