Oracle Submits One of the Dumbest Court Filings Ever Conceived

Oracle is a company I hold no love for. Their products never impressed me (probably because I have no need for a proprietary high-end database system) and I hate what they ended up doing with the products and services they obtained from the Sun Microsystems acquisition. Yet Oracles latest court filing really takes the cake:

Hewlett-Packard has secretly contracted with Intel to keep making Itanium processors so that HP can maintain the appearance that “a dead microprocessor is still alive”, and make money from its locked-in Itanium customer base and take business away from Oracle’s Sun servers, Oracle said in a court filing on Friday.

That’s right, Oracle is throwing a hissy fit because they believe Hewlett-Packard (HP) are secretly floating money to Intel in order to keep the Itanium processo alive. My questions is this: who fucking cares? When one company gives another money in trade for a good or service that is called a transaction. As these transactions are agreements made between two entities neither is obligated to reveal the details to anybody else.

Why is Oracle wasting taxpayer money by bring up the fact HP and Intel do business in court? This isn’t a secret, anybody with an HP computer knows this as it’s advertised by a sticker on the computer that says, “Intel Inside.” If HP is paying Intel money to continue production of the Itanium processor what does it matter? What justification is there for bringing up this fact in court?

Tactics to destroy competition like this is one of the many things wrong with the United States economic system. Were the state controlled courts willing to simply toss this type of stupidity out the door money would be saved but businesses throughout the country and that money could be put to productive use. Instead our economy is so intermingled with government that you can’t make a single move without filling out the correct form in triplicate and getting the expensive rubber stamp of approval. Our court system needs to stop being a mechanism for companies to destroy competition through monetary attrition.

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  1. Isn’t it sort of relevant given that HP is trying to force Oracle to continue supporting Itanium when they don’t want to write software for the chip anymore. Both sides are trying to coerce the other side into something.

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