Bachmann Exits Presidential Race

Some good news managed to come from Iowa, Michelle Bachmann is dropping out of the race:

Michele Bachmann Wednesday morning announced in Iowa that she would suspend her presidential campaign after a disastrous finish in the first in the nation caucus voting Tuesday, the Associated Press reported in advance of a 10 am press conference.

That’s one less war monger in the race. On one hand I’m glad to see her drop out of the race but on the other hand it’s kind of sad. Bachmann was well aware of her position and was acting like a cornered animal by lashing out at every other candidate. Her commentary made for great entertainment during debates and her status as mostly harmless (in other words she didn’t have a chance in hell of winning) made me OK with her staying in the race.

Unfortunately this news means she’s coming back to Minnesota and it’s possible she’ll run for Congress again meaning we’ll still be dealing with her crazy shit.