Enjoy Your Canned Posts

As you read this I’m probably sitting at the airport preparing material for another post where I rant about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). No I’m not off to join SHOT Show late into the event, I’ve been called away on work. This development means my ability to post is going to be hit or miss. Knowing this ahead of time I’ve decided to write up some canned posts for the duration of my time away. Should anything interesting or exciting happen I’ll try to blog about it but I can make no such guarantee and therefore any analysis on late breaking news may be later than usual (since I’m rarely timely to begin with this shouldn’t surprise anybody).

You guys have fun and try not to break anything while I’m gone. Also I hope you enjoyed the first of my canned posts that allowed me to skirt my responsibilities and get my post count up without actually writing anything of value. I promise the rest will be far better though.