Romney OK With Federal Agents Murdering Medical Marijuana Users

I know the title of this post won’t come as a surprise to you guys but Romney really does take the cake for being a total dick (OK Santorum is still worse but not by much). A dying medical marijuana patient flat out asked Romney if he would arrest medical marijuana users and their doctors. Romney’s response? He doesn’t answer the question and then ignores the poor dying bastard:

Romney did say he doesn’t support any form of marijuana but what he really should have said is, “If you think you’re in pain now just wait until I have you thrown in the slammer with Bubba. Hell I may just have some federal agents burst into your home and kill you right on the spot you stupid peasant.”

Asked the same question but the same man got an entirely different answer from Ron Paul:

Unlike Romney,Paul won’t use violence to enforce the erroneous drug war. What you put into your body is your own damned business whether you need the substance for medical reasons or are a recreational user.

Remember the prohibition of marijuana is done by law and like all laws it must be enforced with the use of violence. By supporting the war on drugs you are literally agreeing that federal agents should be allowed to murder those who grow, sell, or use marijuana. Romney obviously has no quarrel with the idea of using federal agents to murder this sick guy and his doctor. It’s one reason in a million why I won’t vote for Romney no matter what.