I Wish Statists Would Just Cut Straight to the Point

All I ask for is a little intellectual honesty from my philosophical opponents. I wish anti-gunners would just come out and say they want to ban all firearms and be done with the pussy footing around. While I’m making a list I also wish the other statists would just come out and say they want people who do the “wrong” thing murdered.

I came across this wonderful piece of statist propaganda :

Kathy Baylis, a professor of agricultural and consumer economics, studied the ban on junk-food advertising imposed in the Canadian province of Quebec from 1984 to 1992 and its effect on fast-food purchases.

By comparing English-speaking households, who were less likely to be affected by the ban, to French-speaking households, Baylis and co-author Tirtha Dhar, of the University of British Columbia, found evidence that the ban reduced fast-food expenditures by 13 percent per week in French-speaking households, leading to between 11 million and 22 million fewer fast-food meals eaten per year, or 2.2 billion to 4.4 billion fewer calories consumed by children.

Combine this statist propaganda with some actual statists and you have a recipe for advocating violence. We go from comments like this:

And that is why anyone who bases policies and ideologies around the premise that people are rational and independent is full of shit.

People can be, but most of the time they are not, because it is hard and takes conscious effort.

There are two views one should really have when it comes to government. The first view is the assumption that the above commenter is right and people are irrational being. In such a case the last thing you want to do is hand irrational being power over other irrational being because you’ll just double your irrationality. The section view is that people are, in general, rational and good beings. In such a case there is no need for government to rule over the already generally good and rational beings.

Seriously though I wish the above commenter would flat out state what he really things, people should be told what is the right course of action and be killed if they decide to take a different course. After all wouldn’t the world be a better place if we just killed everybody we disagree with? Think about it for a minute, you’d have a world of like-minded individuals being obedient to the state. Why if we just round up all the people who are wrong and shoot them we’ll have a perfect world!

That’s the ultimate end to a plan that revolves around stupid notions such as people needing to be managed by other people. Laws must be enforced with violence so passing laws that attempt to instill “proper” or “rational” must result in “improper” and “irrational” people being physically harmed until they either submit or die.

Let’s look at fast food for a minute. The general consensus of society is that fast food is bad for people. Therefore wouldn’t it make the most sense to round up everybody who eats fast food and put them in prison? That would solve the problem because the lack of customers would force fast food joints into bankruptcy. Obviously if consumers of fast food resist arrest we’ll have to kill them but really they’re only bring death upon themselves for if they simply submit to the man with the gun all will be fine (in 10 years when they finally get out of prison).

What I just typed sounds absurd to any rational being but that is ultimately what statist want. Statists really are the lowest of the low. When they advocate a new law what they’re really saying is, “I know what’s best for people.” Libertarianism doesn’t based its philosophy on the idea that people are rational being, it bases its ideas on the idea that initiated force and coercion are undesirable and therefore should be eliminated.

Somebody spending all of their money on lottery tickets isn’t being rational consider the chances of winning are somewhere near the chances of gravity reversing itself in the next fifteen minutes. Yet I do not wish people to force me into action by using violence so I must not force others into action using violence. While I don’t agree with the actions of somebody who spends all of their money on lottery tickets I have no right to force them into stopping.

Instead of claiming new laws need to be put into place to curb “irrational” behavior statists need to cut to the point and state that they believe they know what is best for society and also believe anybody who disagrees with them should be physically harmed or killed.