Self-Righteous Hypocrisy in Action

A marketing group,Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), decided to try something new that stood to benefit homeless individuals, paying those individuals to carry around a 4G hotspot during South by Southwest. Instead of being commended on their rather innovative idea that benefitted all involved a bunch of self-righteous assholes decided to get offended:

A division of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) equipped 13 homeless people with 4G mifi devices in Austin, Texas.

It suggested the public pay $2 (£1.30) for 15 minutes’ access to the net.

Comments posted to the BBH’s site accused the project of being “unseemly” and “wrong”.

Members of Twitter asked “what has this world come to?” and accused the project of being a “gimmick”.


It invited comments on the idea. Early respondents seemed impressed – but later posters mocked the idea.

“My homeless hotspot keeps wandering out of range,” wrote one before going onto add “by literally labelling the person as a ‘hotspot’, you are priming an affluent, iPad-toting public to think of that person as a commodity”.

Another added: “Helping hipsters check their email is not charitable, in fact it’s potentially dangerous and detrimental to the situation the people on the street are facing.”

According to this story, the homeless individuals were being paid $50.00 a day. BBH entered into a mutually beneficial transaction with 13 homeless individual and people are upset about that. These self-righteous pricks are criticizing BBH for paying homeless individuals to provide a service while offering no help themselves. The sheer hypocrisy of these people is astounding, they rally against mutually beneficial arrangements claiming they’re dehumanizing but aren’t offering to pay these homeless individuals $50.00 a day. On top of the $50.00 a day the homeless individuals also had the opportunity of receiving more money from those using their hotspots, I’m sure people had little issue with giving a donation to use the hotspot.

This is what’s wrong with the world (well one of a billion things). People have put a higher value on self-image than voluntary association. When they see somebody entering a voluntary agreement they will jump up and scream that the agreement is dehumanizing or exploitative. “How dare this company exploit these homeless people by paying them money for a service!” they scream. When you ask them what they’re doing to help the homeless they can only give you unproductive responses like “raising awareness” and “stopping exploitation of the homeless.” Are they giving the homeless money? No. Are they offering their spare bedroom to a homeless person? No. Are they even trying to help homeless individuals get a job? No. They’re cutting off opportunities for the homeless and thus making their situations worse.

On top of that these bleeding heart pricks are also exploiting the homeless individuals for their own agendas. They point to the homeless and say, “Hark, a homeless person! His situation is an outrage! We must steal from the rich to provide for this homeless man!” This self-righteous hypocrisy is disgusting. They exploit homeless individuals and they claim the moral high ground. I don’t give a shit what some self-righteous hypocrite things, the opinion is as worthless to me as water is to a drowning man.