Because Discrimination is Fun

I always find it funny when people scream about discrimination in schools. Why? It’s not because I support discrimination but because of the selective nature of anti-discriminatory policies. While they preach about the need to create a safe environment for all children they also try to prevent many students from feeling welcome. For every rule prohibiting the discrimination of homosexuals, African Americans, women, etc. there is another rule that ban talking about firearms. No rules exist to protect libertarians, atheists, or other groups that are often discriminated against, especially in schools. If you want to see a kid get discriminated against immediately just watch for one to make a comment against public unions, the teachers will descend upon him like vulture on carrion. My main point is that schools don’t oppose discrimination, they promote it by being very selective in the groups they protect. When a school protects one group over another they also make a statement, that those protected groups are better than others and therefore other groups are obviously lesser and, therefore, valid targets of discrimination.

Now that I’ve gotten the gears of discrimination moving let’s talk about adult film stars, or more specifically, two adult file stars. This story starts with an 18 year-old male named Mike Stone, a student at the Tartan High School. Mr. Stone decided to send out invitations to 600 adult film actresses to be his date to prom, and one accepted. The one who accepted, Megan Piper, then invited another, Emy Reyes. Obviously Mr. Stone is now the talk of his class, and for good reason (consider his age, consider what he accomplished, then realize he’s going to be the most popular guy with the guys). Needless to say the school administration saw a student having fun and accomplishing one of his goals in life so they had to shut him down:

A Tartan High School student who used Twitter to find an adult film actress to go to prom with him May 12 won’t be allowed to bring the woman to the dance, according to a statement released by the school. The statement says:

“It has been reported in the national news that a Tartan student has invited a porn star to attend prom and she has accepted his invitation, subject to his paying for her airfare to Minnesota. However, this prom date will not be allowed to attend the Tartan prom as her attendance would be prohibited under Tartan’s standard prom procedures and would be inconsistent with two school district policies, E-077 (Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites) and E-084 (School Sponsored Student Publications and Activities).”

Hold the boat here, what? A student is being prohibited from brining his dates to prom? What kind of discriminatory bullshit is that? Are high schools not the bastions of anti-discrimination? Are we not told that all are excepted, and indeed welcomes, in the hands of public schools? What could possibly be in these school policies that would override their supposed prohibitions against discrimination? Let’s take a look. I went diving through the Oakdale school district’s webpage and found the policies mentioned in the statement above. E-077 [PDF] deals with visitors and exists mainly to give the school the option of banning “undesirables” from school grounds:

3) Visitor Limitations

A. An individual or group may be denied permission to visit a school or school property or
such permission may be revoked if the visitor(s) does not comply with the school district
procedures and regulations or if the visit is not in the best interest of students, employees
or the school district.

If that’s not a catch-all statement I don’t know what is. I’m curious who gets to decide whether or not a visitor is “in the best interests of students, employees, or the school district?” Is there some kind of blacklist containing various “undesirables” such as libertarians, gun owners, and adult film starts or is the decision entirely made willy nilly? My guess is the latter. Next we must take a look at E-084 [PDF], which deals with school publications and events:

1) General Statement of Policy

A. The school district may exercise editorial control over the style and content of student
expression in school-sponsored publications and activities.

B. Expression and representations made by students in school publications is not an
expression of official school district policy. Faculty advisors shall supervise student
writers to ensure compliance with the law and school district policies.

C. Students who believe their right to free expression has been unreasonably restricted in an
official student publication or activity may seek review of the decision by the building
principal. The principal shall issue a decision no later than three (3) school days after
review is requested.

1. Students producing official school publications and activities shall be under the
supervision of a faculty advisor and the school principal. Official publications and
activities shall be subject to the guidelines set forth below.

2. Official school publications may be distributed at reasonable times and locations.


3) Guidelines

A. Expression in an official school publication or school-sponsored activity is prohibited when
the material:

1. is obscene to minors;

2. is libelous or slanderous;

3. advertises or promotes any product or service not permitted for minors by law;

4. encourages students to commit illegal acts or violate school regulations or
substantially disrupts the orderly operation of school or school activities;

5. expresses or advocates sexual, racial, or religious harassment or violence or

6. is distributed or displayed in violation of time, place, and manner regulations

Honestly I’m not sure how E-084 comes into play here. Mrs. Piper and Mrs. Reyes are not material being written about in a publication, nor are they promoting anything listed in the verboten list. At most E-084 would allow the school to prevent Mr. Stone from publishing material for distribution in the school bragging about what he has done, although that prevention wouldn’t be based on any of the listed items on the verboten list.

Either way the school has seen fit to prohibit Mrs. Piper and Mrs. Reyes from entering the school, a decisions that is technically covered under E-077. This raises a question in my opinion: were the two women banned from entering the school because of their choice in careers? Does the mere fact of being an adult file actress put you on the school’s blacklist? If so, what other careers can put you on the blacklist? We know school officials have a zero tolerance policy towards firearm so we must ask if anybody working in the firearms manufacturing field would be prohibited from entering the school. If Mrs. Piper and Mrs. Reyes violate E-084 then police officers must as well under 3-5, “expresses or advocates sexual, racial, or religious harassment or violence or prejudice;” since police officers do express and advocate violence from time to time.

Let’s take this a step further, what if Mrs. Piper or Mrs. Reyes had a kid in the Oakdale school system? Would they be prohibited from attending student teacher conferences? Could they enter the building to pick up the child for a doctor’s appointment? After all if they’re career is what prohibited it them from entering the school then they must never be allowed to enter, right? If it’s not their choice in careers is is because they’re both women? Is it because Mrs. Reyes happens to be black? We do know for certain that discrimination is afoot.

Whether or not one agrees with the school’s decision isn’t of my concern, the fact that the school claims to be a bastion of anti-discrimination while being discriminators themselves is. The hypocrisy is palpable. School officials never waste an opportunity to come out and talk at length about their hard work in making their school a safe place for everybody. They will go so far as to find scapegoats to sacrifice just so they can’t demonstrate how hard they work to fight discrimination. You can be sure that any fight between kids of differing races will be treated as a hate crime, even if the fight was simply over a non-racial statement said by one student to the other.

The bottom line is schools work hard to prohibit discrimination only if you’re part of a group they like. If you’re not a member of a group they like, say gun owners or libertarians, you’ll not receive their protection and will actually be discriminated against by faculty members. Apparently adult film actresses aren’t one of the protected groups and therefore the school is more than happy to discriminate against them.