The Free Ice Cream Machine is Running Low

I’m sorry but the free ice cream machine is running a little low today. I participated in my local basic political organizational unit (BPOU) convention last night and now I’m filled with dread, hopelessness, and rage. Needless to say I can’t find the energy to write anything at the moment so you’ll just have to check back later.

Let me say this: what I witnessed last night was something I’d expect to find in a kindergarten classroom. The people who go to political conventions are children, they show up to fight amongst one another for scraps from the power table of the higher ups, they want a piece of the power and don’t give two shits about anybody else. There will probably be a long rant explaining my sheer distain for political conventions and the people who attend them but I’ll have to wait to write it, the feeling of hopelessness for the future of humanity is just too great right now.