It Couldn’t Happen to Nicer People

The Republican Party of Minnesota has been pushing two major initiatives: a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and a constitutional amendment to require photo ID when voting. They are fighting hard for both of these initiatives while the most critical issues, namely the deficit and ever increasing oppressive nature of the government, are being entirely ignored. Needless to say they’re complete failures as far as small government and fiscal responsibility are concerned so I can’t help but laugh at this:

“We continue to be in a very precarious working capital position,” wrote Bron Scherer, the Secretary-Treasurer of the state party, in a March memo marked “Confidential, Do Not Forward.”

In the memo to the state party executive committee, Scherer noted that “we are not paying our office lease rent payment currently…and have not yet negotiated long-term payment schedules and/or negotiated settlements relating to most of the vendors on the accounts payable aging.”

Said one Minnesota Republican about a state with at least two House Republicans facing competitive re-elections: “I don’t know how the party is going to be at all capable of doing anything this cycle.”

A fate well deserved. I’m glad to see they don’t even have enough money to pay rent for their office, they have been doing nothing constructive and plenty that is destructive. They’ve made their bed and now they’re being forced to lay in it and they damn well deserve it. There could be some hope that the Minnesota Republican Party would do some internal changes in the hopes of getting in good with the people again but I doubt that will happen. Instead of appeasing the people of Minnesota the Republican Party will just find some way of blaming the Democrats for their current woes and appeal to the authoritarians with more neocon malarkey.

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