Not Something I’d Expect to Encounter in Minnesota

There are a lot of different animals that I would expect to encounter here in Minnesota but alligators aren’t one of them:

A man walking his dog in Bloomington came across a 3.5 foot alligator.

According to Bloomington Police, the man says the reptile hissed at his dog as they were walking in an area known as Bass Ponds near 86th Street.

Wildlife officials aren’t sure how the animal got here and neither am I. I wonder what caliber would be best for taking on an angry reptile?

3 thoughts on “Not Something I’d Expect to Encounter in Minnesota”

  1. Well aligator hunters tend to use .22s and a headshot, though for a 3.5′ gator any populaar handgun to the vitals should be enough.

    1. 10mm. Cause why not?

      Because I’m not made of money. 😛

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