I’m Now an Ordained Minister

North Carolina voted to ban gay marriage yesterday and the same item will be on November’s ballot here in Minnesota. I can’t help the people of North Carolina but I can do something in my own state.

I’m now an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church Monastery. When my credentials arrive I’m going to apply for my permit to perform marriages in Minnesota. Why am I doing this? Because the state has decided it has a right to define voluntary association and it’s about time some civil disobedience was done to give the state a giant middle finger.

I will perform straight, gay, polygamous, supernatural, and even self marriages (who could possibly love you more than you). Furthermore I am willing to observe and religious tradition you choose including christianity, judaism, islam, paganism, neo-paganism, asatru, or a complete lack of religious connotations if you so desire. Once married I leave it up to you to file your taxes under the status of “married.” If any questions are asked I’ll gladly vouch for the validity of your marriage.

Just because a larger group votes in favor of banning a form of voluntary association than the group that voted against banning it doesn’t mean the ban should be obeyed. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” If Minnesota votes to prohibit gay marriage give me a call and I’ll perform the ceremony for free. On the other hand if the state doesn’t vote to prohibit gay marriage I’ll still perform the ceremony and those wanting prohibited forms of marriage can still call me for a free ceremony.