No Options this Election

There is no option this election, it’s either Obama or Other Obama:

Mitt Romney has won the Republican presidential primary in Texas and the remaining delegates needed to secure the party’s nomination.

With 1,086 delegates, Mr Romney only needed 58 to pass the 1,144 mark for the nomination. Texas awards 152 delegates proportionally.

There was never much of a question in who the nominee was going to be. If suckers members of the Republican Party didn’t vote enough delegates to get Romney the nomination the Republican National Convention (RNC) and local state parties were just going to rig the game to remove the Paul supporters anyways. I do hope this nomination process has been educational though, it demonstrated the fact that the people don’t have a voice in the Republican Party. When the higher ups said the nomination was going to go to Romney the deal was sealed.

Selfishly I must admit this news isn’t entirely bad in my opinion, it allows me to entirely remove myself from participating in politics. I can sit comfortably from the side lines and watch this country self-destruct because of the very political process people use to demonstrate how great this country is.

For those of you who are going to support Romney have fun. I know the hole you’re digging seems innocuous and you believe you won’t be forced to dig it as quickly under Romney. What you’re not seeing is the end game, that hole you’re digging is your grave, once it’s dug Romney is going to line you up in front of it and gun you down just as Obama will. You can still choose to throw down your shovels, climb out of the hole, and run like hell. Your chances of survival won’t be high but they will be above zero, which is more than they will be if you keep digging.

One thought on “No Options this Election”

  1. There is an option. Gary Johnson which is whom I will be voting for and probably my wife as well. While he may not win it is nice to show up and vote none of the above, so that they can’t accuse you of being apathetic. I would rather show that my vote is up for grabs if I was given a reasonable candidate.

    That being said since Texas is going to go Republican anyway regardless of who the nominee is, I don’t think they give a rats ass about my vote. They only care about your vote in a battleground state otherwise the primaries are the only elections down here that matter.

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