I Guess I’ll Never Be Allowed to Fly British Airways

It appears as though I’ll never be allowed to fly British Airways:

In an airline industry first, British Airways’ Know Me program uses Google images to ID its best customers even before they set foot in the airport. The airline has equipped its customer service agents and senior cabin crew with iPads so they can easily tap into and share information about customers, including their preferences, flight history and yes, photos.

While British Airways says the program, which launched earlier this month, helps “put a face to the name,” it’s got some people asking whether the airline is going the extra mile or just acting downright creepy.

If they Google me they’ll find this site and if they read this site they’ll known I’m an anarchist and a gun owner, neither of which are generally viewed in a positive light by airline services. Oh well, I wasn’t planning on flying British Airways anytime soon.