Rand Paul Makes Hating Him too Easy

Even though I already have good reasons to dislike Rand Paul it’s nice to see that he’s working hard to give me more:

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is running ads in support of controversial Republican Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin in his bid to unseat Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.

For the past week, RandPAC has been targeting Senate Democrats for voting against Paul’s proposal to cut foreign aid to Libya, Egypt and Pakistan.

Rand Paul is throwing his support behind Todd “Women Rarely Become Pregnant from Legitimate Rape” Akins. Normally I wouldn’t waste your time reporting on this. Nobody should be surprised that one sociopathic neocon is supporting another sociopathic neocon. However the fact that many people in the liberty movement still believe that Rand Paul will be our savior makes this stupid political move noteworthy. Obviously Rand’s opponents are going to descend on this news like vultures on a corpse and his supporters will be expected to justify his actions. It’s going to be damned difficult to justify Rand’s support of Akins since Akins’s did a wonderful job of vilifying himself in the eyes of almost everybody. Heck the Republican Party even told Akins to quite.

This should make for a very entertaining episodes of Politics: The Reality Television Show for Suckers.