The Romney Campaign’s Beautiful Political Stunt

I’ve discussed how I think the Romney campaign needs a better propaganda minister. Perhaps somebody at the campaign is reading my blog because their latest political stunt makes for some amazing propaganda:

Romney was originally slated to campaign over the weekend in Virginia, but canceled plans there and joined running mate Paul Ryan in Ohio. Curt Cashour, Romney’s Virginia communications director, tweeted Monday that the campaign bus will instead be used to transport basic supplies to local storm-relief centers.

Romney’s propaganda minister nailed it. While this stunt costs the Romney campaign nothing of importance it make it appear that Romney is willing to put what resources he has available into helping those likely to be hit hard by the oncoming storm. I think a few additional bonus points could have been generated if Romney personally drove that bus for its first supply run but that would have put the campaign’s star candidate into harm’s way, which is risky this close to an election. Overall I think this stunt was a magnificent piece of work and should really help Romney’s supporters show how much Romney cares about the people.