The Feel Good Legislation of the Year

Denizens of the Internet are cheering Darrell Issa’s latest piece of legislation title the Internet American Moratorium Act (IAMA). The legislation purports to put a two year moratorium on Congress passing new laws that affect the Internet. Considering the recent number of government attempts to put restrictions on the Internet this bill seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately this bill is nothing more than feel good legislation meant to build support for Issa without actually offering anything.

On Facebook Classical Liberal pointed out that the legislation is meaningless because of the simple fact Congress can repeal any law it passes. If the IAMA passed and Congress wanted to pass a law affecting the Internet they would merely have to repeal it then pass their desired legislation. It could be done in one bill.

I then noted the lack of any punishment stated if Congress violated this legislation. What if the (IAMA) passed and Congress passed legislation that violated the moratorium? Apparently nothing at all. Without some form of punishment a law really is toothless.

As far as I can see there is no point to the IAMA other than to make supporters of leaving the Internet free feel good.