Israeli Weapon Industries Launch a United States Subsidiary

Earlier this year I mentioned some interest in the new Israeli Tavor. Two things have stood between myself and getting trigger time with that rifle. The first was cost. A manufacturer suggested retail price of “under $2,000” didn’t fill my heart with hope that the rifle would be cost effective. The second problem was the fact no American firearm manufacturer had expressed interest in importing the Tavor. That second problem is no longer an issue as the manufacturer, Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI), has launched a subsidiary in the United States:

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) has announced their new US subsidiary IWI USA Inc. The new company has leased a 21,000 sq. ft. facility in Harrisburg, PA. They plan on selling the TAVOR SAR rifle in a number of different configurations as well as the UZI Pro pistol.

If anybody can manufacture a bullpup rifle that is affordable and addresses the most common issues with that style of firearm it’s a company that manufactures weapons for a government that can’t get along with its neighbors for more than two minutes.

3 thoughts on “Israeli Weapon Industries Launch a United States Subsidiary”

  1. Israel exists to give the world new and innovative weapons on a regular basis. Yeah the Israeli government has some problems but for the region they are the best off if you are a citizen and avoid poking the angry bear. This of course is something that their neighbors cannot figure out.

    1. The list of issues I have with the Israeli government would take months to write but I give credit where credit is due. Israel has managed to develop some fine weapon systems. They are willing to try rather esoteric designs such as the Desert Eagle, very practical designs such as the Jericho, and interesting evolutions of modern firearms like the Travor.

      I’m with you with the 7.62x51mm Travor. A bullpup 7.62.51mm would be a blast to shoot, especially if it took SR-25 magazines (one thing I hate about some of the semi-automatic 7.62x51mm rifles is their reliance on expensive proprietary magazines).

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