Welcome to the New Site

Without saying a word or indicating I was going to do so I’ve moved this site over to a different server. What’s that mean for you? I do have a valid SSL certificate now. If you go to the HTTPS version of my site your browser should indicate that you have a secure connection for a brief second. WordPress, by default, has no way to force secure connections and always attempts to redirect users to the unsecured version of the site. I’m still working to correct that. It is my intention to provide an always secure site in the future.

Underneath a few things have changed. Previously this site was hosted on OS X 10.6 Server. Apple no longer provides any notable support for 10.6 and their new server software has proven to be unusable. This time around I decided to go with OpenBSD 5.2. OpenBSD has a solid track record when it comes to security, which is something I really like. Hosting the site on OpenBSD also gave me an excuse to become more knowledgeable about BSD-based operating systems. In addition to changing operating systems I also put the server in a virtual machine. Previously I was hosting this site on a natively installed operating system. Now I can move the site from server to server with little trouble and take advantage of useful tools such as snapshots.

There may still be some bugs to work out. If you notice any problems please feel free to e-mail me using the address on the sidebar.