Another Reason Why the GOP is a Joke

There’s no two ways to put this, the Republican Party (GOP) is dying. Actually, the GOP is already dead, it’s advocates simply don’t know it yet. I think the major turning point for the GOP was when it began to embrace religious fanaticism. We live in a post-Enlightenment world, religion doesn’t count for what it once did, and anybody trying to implement religious laws in the Western world is in for a bad time. Not satisfied with merely adopting religious zealotry, the GOP has also gone out of its way to adopt some of the most ironic politicians. Take Tony Sutton, the former chair of the Minnesota Republican Party. The GOP constantly advertises itself as the party of fiscal responsibility so one can only laugh when the chair of the Minnesota Party files for bankruptcy:

A hard-charging former state Republican Party chairman whose constant refrain to DFLers and even GOP lawmakers was “live within your means” has declared personal bankruptcy, the latest twist in one of the most dramatic political downfalls in recent state history.

At the height of his power, Tony Sutton demanded that Republican legislators oppose all tax increases and keep state spending strictly in line with revenue. Few realized it at the time, but the GOP’s finances under Sutton’s management were a shambles, and the same scenario was playing out in his personal life.

Sutton and his wife, Bridget Sutton, an Inver Grove Heights school board member and former Republican operative, say they owe $2.1 million, including $70,000 of credit card debt, $20,000 in federal student loans, unpaid state and federal taxes, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in unsecured personal loans to cover business expenses. At the time they filed, the Suttons had no life or health insurance.

If this was an isolated incident it wouldn’t be a big deal but it seems GOP politicians are constantly getting caught in situations where they practice what they preach against. There’s no hope for a party when it’s higher ups aren’t ideologically consistent. Any plan that involves the Republican Party should be abandoned and a plan B put into action.