The Shooting in Washington DC

You’ve all heard about the shooting at the naval yard in Washington DC. The shooting, at with all shootings was a tragedy. Fortunately the shooter was considerate enough to perform his vile act on a Monday. Now we get to enjoy a whole week of wall-to-wall coverage based entirely on speculation, fabrication, and whatever else can be made in order to grab ratings. We’ve all been through this before. The media has no time for fact checking in its hopeless fight to remain relevant in a society where information gathering and dissemination has become decentralized. Rating for news channels are in the toilet. Those companies need ratings and they need them now. This means that they will exploit this tragedy by plaster our screens will crap coverage before any facts can be determined.

No facts, besides the name of a suspect, have come forth. Until those facts are determined I’m not planning to spend much time discussing this event. There’s enough shit to talk about without having to make things up.