This Blog Interrupted by Updated Development Software

Last night the developers at Pebble released beta 3 of their 2.0 software development kit (SDK). This release fixed a rather nasty bug that was preventing me from continuing development on WristCoin.

The bug was related to how the phone app communicated Bitcoin pricing information to the Pebble. When the watch app is first opened it asks the phone app to fetch Bitcoin prices from the various exchanges. This operation is done asynchronously on the phone and data is returned for each exchange as it comes it. The bug I ran into was that the first message form the phone app to the Pebble worked fine but all subsequent messages failed. That means that the pricing information for the first exchange would be communicated to the Pebble but none of the others. While I could have rewritten the app to wait for all exchanges to report in before sending the data to the Pebble I found that solution inelegant and chose to wait for an update to correct the bug. Since the latest release fixes that bug I have continued development on WristCoin instead of writing additional blog posts.