I’m Back

You may have noticed that the website was down most of yesterday afternoon and evening. There was a major power outage at my dwelling last night. Around 2:30 this morning the power was restored and when I went to restart my servers only to find that my server wasn’t turning on (well it was turning on but it wasn’t passing POST). After a lot of mucking about, which primarily included salvaging parts from an old computer to replace the destroyed parts in my server, I was finally able to get my e-mail server online. The web server that runs this site had to do some work on repairing the file system so it wasn’t online until recently.

The downside of running your own server is that you’re responsible for restoring your shit. Needless to say I didn’t get anything written as far as posts and since I’m still repairing equipment that went belly up in an apparent power surge I won’t be getting anything up later today either.