I’m Back

Obviously there were no posts yesterday. As it turned out I had suffered a nasty sunburn Sunday. For me that means a very unpleasant allergic reaction that involves some of the worst pain imaginable. After a day of Benadryl and ibuprofen along with bags filled with ice I’m finally at the point where I can function again.

The only upside to this shit is that I tend to avoid being in direct sunlight for very long so my chances of getting skin cancer are probably lower than most. Let me just take a moment to give a gigantic middle finger to that fusion reactor our little spaceship continues to orbit.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back”

  1. I wouldn’t be so sure about the cancer thing. There are some studies that suggest vitamin D deficiency can increase your chances of cancer, so if you aren’t getting a lot of sunlight due to the allergy you are probably Vitamin D deficient (unless you take supplements.)

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