Measure Twice, Cut Once

Or if you’re in France fuck measuring altogether:

The French train operator SNCF has discovered that 2,000 new trains it ordered at a cost of 15bn euros ($20.5bn; £12.1bn) are too wide for many regional platforms.

The BBC’s Christian Fraser in Paris says that it is an embarrassing blunder that has so far cost the rail operator over 50m euros ($68.4m; £40.6m).

How does something like this happen? The concept of measuring things isn’t something that our species has only recently stumbled across. We’ve been measuring things for millennia. In fact it’s often one of the first things we do when we’re building something. The fact that nobody thought to take a tape measure to these new trains to determine whether or not they would actually fit in the terminals is almost beyond my ability to comprehend.

At this rate we won’t need to cryogenically freeze somebody for them to experience this: