Republicans Don’t Have a Monopoly on Voting Related Conspiracy Theories

Here in Minnesota the Republican Party has been banging on the Voter ID drum since they started losing some very high profile elections by pretty narrow margins. If you listen to their claims the Democrats supposedly have buses full of people that a driven from precinct to precinct so they can claim to be new voters and vote for Democrat candidates. Of course when pushed for evidence to support these claims the most you receive are anecdotes. They all know somebody’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate who saw these buses in operation and even followed them around to a couple of precincts but were somehow prevented from recording the escapade or calling the police (because shit like that is pretty illegal).

Democrats have no issue making fun of Republicans over this and rightfully so. But Republicans aren’t they only people who have conspiracy theories related to voting. As it turns out the Democrats have some real whoppers of their own. Take this one for example:

A militia group in Wisconsin is planning to target African-American Democrats at polling places in order to suppress the vote and keep Republican governor Scott Walker in office.

Ah yes, a nebulous militia is not only going to intimidate Democratic voters but African-American Democratic voters! Like the Republicans, the Democrats have ironclad evidence to support their claims:

Here is a Twitter exchange where the group details their plan:

There’s no way to refute that! Not just anybody can make an account on Twitter and post whatever the hell they want. If somebody on Twitter claims to be a member of a militia group in Wisconsin that is planning to intimidate African-American Democratic voters then that is absolutely what is going to happen.

It continues to amaze me how much time people waste on bitching about voting. Voting is the most meaningless thing to argue about. Your vote doesn’t even count. And the only options available on any ballot are people who want lord over you. Since there’s no option to abolish a position you are simply voting for the master you would prefer to submit to out of a small list of potential masters. Considering that fraud is irrelevant because no matter who wins you lose.