Just Because Somebody Assaults You Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Nice

Just because some assholes was inconsiderate of your feelings and assaults you doesn’t mean you have to be inconsiderate to them. Old Hickory, Tennessee is home to an individual who knows how to let bygones be bygones after the dust settles:

The man, identified as Joshua Dobson, apparently got into an argument with his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, identified as Michael Young over the well being of the girlfriend’s child, of whom Young is the father.

That escalated into Young coming to Dobson’s home, with another man, identified as Troy Weiss. Weiss and Young assaulted Dobson. Fortunately, Dobson was armed and able to open fire on the pair of suspects, striking Weiss twice.

Dobson then grabbed a medical kit from his home and began performing first aid on Weiss. Once he was stabilized, Dobson drove him to the hospital.

Now that’s a great example of not letting your anger get the best of you. And rendering first aid to an aggressor would be interesting from a judicial standpoint. I’m curious if it would help you case since one could argue that you were likely a reluctant participant on account of your lack of desire to see the guy dead. Obviously I’m not a lawyer and don’t even play one on TV, I’m just tossing the thought out there.

Either way it was very kind of Mr. Dobson to get his attackers to the hospital. I commend those who show great mercy to their foes after the threat has ceased.