Michael Bloomberg Gets Labeled Lower Nobility by Royalty

Michael Bloomberg, being the gun control psychotic at the top of the heap, gets a lot of press on gun blogs such as this. The man is a tyrant and views himself as a king. So it must have really deflated his ego when the Queen of England labeled him a knight:

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) can add a new title to his name — he’s been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.


The British Embassy says the distinction was in recognition of Bloomberg’s “prodigious entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavours, and the many ways in which they have benefited the United Kingdom and the UK-US special relationship.”

The common belief this day and age is that receiving a knighthood from the British royalty is one hell of an honor. For most people it probably is. But for somebody like Bloomberg it has to be a slap in the face. Let me explain. Historically a knighthood was a title of lower nobility. Receiving the title meant that you were now in a position where you were expected to fight and die for the actual nobility. Bloomberg, if you pay attention to the words that come out of his mouth, views himself as a king, or at the very least a duke. The Queen of England just said that he isn’t a duke or even a measly baron. He’s just a knight and his place is to die for everybody above him.

In other words Bloomberg didn’t receive a whole lot other than a kick in the fact and, if he’s smart enough to realize what he actually received, a strike against his ego.