Dating Advice for Libertarian Men

It’s April 1st but instead of trickery I have genuinely useful advice for my fellow male libertarians. There is a stereotype, justly deserved in my experience, that libertarian men have a hard time getting dates. As a libertarian male who tends to do OK when it comes to dating I’ve been planning a dating advice for libertarian males presentation at AgoraFest. But somebody beat me to it. Avens O’Brien produced a list of 12 reasons why libertarian men aren’t getting laid. Usually I would avoid linking to one of those lists where each item is presented on a separate goddamn page to rake in a few extra fractions of a cent in advertising revenue but this is incredibly important information so I’m making an exception. But to help you out I’m going to list all 12 items and links directly to them.

  1. Complaining, Complaining, Complaining
  2. No Sense of Humor
  3. Being a Creepertarian
  4. Pissing Contests & Hostility
  5. Lacking Other Interests Besides Liberty
  6. Not Caring How You’re Perceived
  7. Not Listening
  8. No Chemistry
  9. Being A Dick
  10. Awkward Aggression
  11. Thinking You’re God’s Gift To Women
  12. You’re Not Good Enough

From the feedback I’ve received points one, two, five, nine, and ten are the really big sticklers. All of the women I’ve dated were willing to forgive a lot so long as their significant other didn’t constantly complain, had a sense of humor, had hobbies outside of philosophized about liberty and politics, wasn’t an asshole, and wasn’t awkwardly aggressive.

The important thing to keep in mind about this list is that it’s written by a women so it’s going to be far more valuable than the shit libertarian men like to post about the need to be all alpha and shit.