Conservatives are Such a Sensitive Bunch

Conservatives like to make fun of “liberals” and “social justice warriors” for being overly sensitive. They commonly used the phrase, “Your rights end where my feelings begin” to mock those groups. It’s hypocritical. Why? Because these supposed masters of logic cannot control their feelings. Don’t believe me? Just insult one of their beloved war heroes or their precious flag.

Abby Martin demonstrated just how sensitive these dainty little conservatives are when she had the audacity to criticize a man who became famous for his effectiveness at killing people. Sensitive conservatives lost all control over their emotions and began issuing her death threats.

Another emotional chord was struck when people began, what they’re referring to as, the Eric Shepard Challenge, which challenges people to exercise their freedom of speech by stomping on a piece of cloth colored in a specific way. Needless to say conservatives have been losing their shit over imagines of people walking on the United States flag.

The next time you hear or see a conservative insult a liberal for being too sensitive try insulting one of their war heroes or their flag. They’ll quickly prove to you that they’re just as sensitive and probably never catch the irony.