Nothing To See Here

Some fuckstick hit me with a car while I was out biking Friday night. Although I’m fine, nothing was broken because I actually wear quality gear, I’m still store as hell and not feeling the blogging. Check back tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here”

  1. Sucks had that happen to me more than once in college. You do learn a human is surprisingly durable if you can take the hit the right way though. Hope you feel better.

  2. Fortunately I was able to bike away. Except for some scrapes, bruises, and general soreness I walked away with very little damage. I was even able to repair my bike (fuckstick hit my rear tire, which blew the tube) well enough to get back home.

    It always pays to wear safety gear, carry a first-aid kit, and have enough equipment to get yourself rolling again if there’s an accident.

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