Education Has Never Been Cheaper

While the Republicans beat on the fear of illegal immigrants drum the Democrats have been beating on the free shit drum. One of the things many Democrats claim should be free is education. In fact they go so far as to say the costs of education are unreasonable. This is nonsense.

Education today is cheaper than it has ever been before. Knowledge has been liberated from the ivory towers of universities and made openly available to the masses. Gone are the days when you had to be extremely wealthy to become learned in anything outside of a trade.

Do you want to learn a language? Duolingo and Memrise have your back. Do you want to learn how to program? Codecademy and Khan Academy have you covered. Do you want to learn history? Khan Academy and MIT are there for you. Do you want to learn mathematics? Khan Academy, MIT, and iTunes U will help you out. Do you want to learn history? Khan Academy, MIT, and iTunes U are all ready to fulfill your desire. Do you want to learn about economics? The Mises Institute has more economic knowledge available than a majority of universities (unless you subscribe to the fantasy economic dreck of Keyes, Marx, and other people who should never have been taken seriously).

What I’ve listed here is just a tiny sample of all the resources available to you to further you education. All of the ones I’ve mentioned above are freely available to you (which is not to be mistaken for free, somebody is footing the bill on these things) and of fantastic quality.

The cost of education has plummeted. What has gotten ridiculously expensive is a university education. More specifically the degrees they issue. But a degree is not synonymous with an education. We don’t need free education, that already exists (again, free to you). What we need is for people to use this knowledge to further their entrepreneurial goals and to help employers understand a Github repository makes a better programming resume than a university degree.