Your Daily Reminder To Uninstall Flash

No matter how many times security researchers recommend that people uninstall Flash people keep using it. Yet again Adobe released an update to address a slew of critical vulnerabilities in Flash only so more could be discovered the next day:

Now today, Security researchers have disclosed a new zero-day vulnerability in fully patched versions of Adobe Flash, which is currently being exploited in the wild by a Russian state-sponsored hacking groups, named “Pawn Storm”.

That means, even users with an entirely up-to-date installation (versions and of the Flash software are also vulnerable to the latest zero-day exploit.

When people ask me for some easy recommendations to improve their security I tell them to uninstall Flash. Along with simple things like using a password manager to ensure you’re not reusing passwords and using two-factor authentication on websites that support it uninstalling Flash is easy and greatly reducing your vulnerability when browsing the Internet.

So once again I implore you, if you haven’t already, purge Flash from all of your computers.