We’re Such Good Little Slaves

One thing us Americans are good at is rolling over when our masters command it. You might think this odd since this nation was founded by rebels who overthrew their masters but over the centuries Americans have become surprisingly docile. For example, when Edward Snowden revealed to the world that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on both foreign and domestic (for some reason that makes a big difference to Americans) some people were outraged but most were good little slaves and said, “I’ve got nothing to hide!” In fact the “nothing to hide” attitude seems to be the norm:

Despite increasingly heated rhetoric from opponents of government surveillance, a recent survey shows that most Americans would be okay with many kinds of Internet snooping as long as the snoopers told them first.

The results showed “a surprising willingness by participants to accept the inspection of encrypted traffic, provided they are first notified,” according to the researchers behind the survey, which was titled “At Least Tell Me.”

I don’t know what to do with the lot of you. Sometimes you make me feel like a grandfather trying to explain the reason for an old tradition to young punks rebelling against the man. No matter how many times I point out the weaknesses introduced by surveillance systems (especially when they rely on backdoors), fact most of us commit an average of three felonies per day, and purpose behind surveillance isn’t to fight crime now but to have evidence collected if the State decided to target you later down the road you don’t listen. I can’t even convince most of your apes to encrypt your bloody e-mail.

As much as I try to deny it the fact seems to be that most of you Americans aren’t interested in freedom. You seems to enjoy being subjugated. For the handful of you who don’t I think we may need to consider fleeing the country. This place seems like a lost cause.

One thought on “We’re Such Good Little Slaves”

  1. What you do is treat them as enemies. Not enemies of the state because the state is inferior to the people. YOUR enemy. MY enemy. OUR enemy. They are to be disposed of by whatever prudent means. Merely tolerating an enemy is to allow them to come back at full force.

    I proudly committed my quota yesterday, today will be more of the same. An unjust law, or a law which is not universally enforced, shall be as if there is no law.

    Didja know govt is exempt from anti-trust or collusion? The Golden Rule, indeed. Hrummph

    Aint happening on my watch. Check six.

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