Rightist Victim Culture

Rightists have been having a field day poking fun of the leftist victim culture. According to conservatives, neoconservatives, and a lot of libertarians the left has become a bunch of overly sensitive special snowflakes who are incapable of being anything but perpetually offended. What makes these accusations funny is that these rightists are some of the most sensitive, easily offended special snowflakes out there.

Many people on the left have a list of words they would rather you not say because they’re offensive. Rightists like to point at these lists and scream about the left’s attend to censor free speech. After they’re done with their censorship tirade they like to head over to the local Applebee’s and forcefully censor people who are speaking something other than English. I can already hear the rightists screaming out, “Not all rightists beat people up for not using English!” But it’s pretty hard to deny that a lot of rightists get really offended whenever somebody uses a language other than English. In fact a lot of them support passing a law to make English the official language of the United States and requires English proficiency to be a requirement before somebody can immigrate. If that’s not the very same censorship the right accuses the left of I don’t know what is.

Speaking of easily offended, we’re getting close to Christmas, which is the rightists’ time of year to be perpetually offended. How many rightists have you heard bitch about people saying “Happy holidays,” instead of “Merry Christmas?” Failing to greet many rightists with their preferred religious blessing severely triggers them. And it’s not just blessings that trigger them. Failing to use the appropriate Christmas imagery on your merchandise will trigger them as well. Starbucks is the first major offender this year because it’s going with a minimalist theme on its coffee cups this year. The coffee chain’s decision to use red coffee cups instead of cups with snowflakes and other Christmas designs on them has greatly offended a lot of Christian rightists. Not only is this offensive to rightists but some go so far as to claim it’s oppressive. You see, this is just another chapter in the evil leftist atheist’s sinister war on Christmas that is oppressing good rightist Christians everywhere! It’s a war that’s trying to erase the reason for the season!

Evil leftist atheists aren’t the only group oppressing the majority Christian population. Muslims are waging a jihad against them! Immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries, as with immigrants from Latin America, are offending a lot of rightists. Their solution has been to take a page from the leftist’s book and try to implement safe spaces. Rightists, however, are trying to crank the idea of safe spaces to eleven. Where the leftists generally want a room at a college that can serve as a safe space the rightists want to turn entire cities and even entire countries into fortified safe spaces capable of repelling all who would trigger them.

I find a great deal of amusement in hypocrisy. With the recent rise of what the rightists like to call social justice warriors I’ve been greatly amused. Everything rightists have been accusing social justice warriors of is something they themselves do. Rightists are in a perpetual state of outrage over people who speak different languages, are from different countries, and believe in a different religion (or fail to believe in Christianity the same way as they do). Triggering them is as simple as using the wrong greeting during December. And one of their biggest desires is to turn entire areas into fortified safe spaces for themselves. It’s goddamn (sorry I forgot to add a trigger warning for the rightists before dropping the g-bomb) hilarious.

Anyways I’m off to get ready to celebrate the reason for the season: Odin.

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