I’ll Be Off For A Few Days

Grandma Burg passed away at 8:45 on Christmas Day. She made it 90 years on this rock and although it is certainly hard on those of us still cruising on this spaceship her final years weren’t easy ones and it’s comforting knowing her suffering is over. And a more appropriate day than Christmas could not be had for a person as dedicated to Christ as herself.

In her 90 years she managed to raise five kids and keep my grandfather in line (no easy feat). Not only that but she managed those accomplishments while maintaining the most positive attitude I’ve every witnessed. She was a great person and this spaceship is diminished by her loss.

I’ll be away from this blog for a few days. Between the funeral and other matters that must be attended to my focus will be very much elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Be Off For A Few Days”

  1. Sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing. Give me a call a sometime and I’ll go buy you a beer.

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