Trump’s Clinton Campaign

I haven’t written much about this year’s presidential race because there isn’t much to say about a dumpster fire. It’s a dumpster. It’s on fire. But one theory I have been entertaining is that Trump is actually part of Clinton’s campaign. He’s been a buddy of the Clintons for years and he’s a New York Democrat himself. His entire campaign can be defined by his constant attempts to outdo the dumb shit he’s said with even dumber shit. It’s like he wants to lose so his friend can win.

But now the evidence in support of my theory is piling up. Case in point, Bill Clinton actually called Trump and encouraged him to run for president. And the Republican Party is seriously worried about Trump dropping out before the election.

I really hope Trump drops out and my theory is proven correct. I say this not because I care about the election but because it would create so much political drama that I’d have no shortage of material for this blog for the remainder of this election season. And it would seriously piss off the alt-right, which is always a goal to strive for (albeit an easy goal since they’re such a sensitive bunch).

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Clinton Campaign”

  1. Trump does seem to be blowing it lately in really dumb ways. Of course he’s always been loose-lipped, but usually his off-script moments are at least entertaining; lately they’ve just been lame. So who knows?

    Is it really Hideous Hillary, then? This is worse than in 1976, when clammy Jimmy Carter ascended to the throne. I’d take him now over HRC any day.

  2. I was thinking the same thing from day one and it is becoming more apparent each day.

    However, the corporate media and globalists of both parties seem to hate him so much it has been tempting to come out of retirement to vote for him. However, I know it won’t make a difference, especially in Minnesota.

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