Armed Revolution

Remember the good old days when neocons were whispering about armed revolution and neoliberals criticized them for it? Remember the standoff at the Bundy Ranch and the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation where neocons traveled to help with the armed standoff? Remember the neoliberals calling those neocons traitors and wanted the feds to send in the troops to take them all out?

Now the neoliberals are whispering about armed revolution and neocons are criticizing them for it. Last year Time was already trying to start a tax protests. Within the last week we’ve had a Nazi get punched, Madonna talk about blowing up the White House, and a Dallas school teacher shooting an image of Trump with a squirt gun while yelling “Die!” In each one of these cases neoliberals justified these acts and even called for more while neocons labeled the perpetrators traitors and want the feds to throw the book at them.

Those two groups were made for each other. I just wish that they would hurry up and fuck and get it over with.

3 thoughts on “Armed Revolution”

  1. I’m not sure it’s fair to include the standoff at the Bundy Ranch with the rest of your examples, or to call the people who participated in it “neocons”. Words have fluid definitions, but I think of neocons as bloodthirsty would-be world-dominators. None of them would soil his own hands by picking up a gun, but they’d love to send the military to wreak havoc all across the globe.

    As for neoliberals, most of them would wet the bed if the even DREAMED of touching a gun. Throwing a punch is about as bold as they get.

    But your overall point is right on target: when the White House changes hands from R to D or back again, everyone changes sides. The side on the out discovers the Tenth Amendment and the importance of protecting individuals from overreaching government. The side that just got in forgets all that in a heartbeat and fawns over the strength and power of their glorious leader.

  2. Remember long ago, like last year, when the neofems started the neomess at the apex of the standoff with he neopads? It was neoneat.

    your post makes no noesense to a neoperson, wheres the armed revolution your neopost is about? or is it? apparently not, since ther is no, was no, armed revolution, at least in the late-great USA.

    If you can read anything beyond a comic book, read some history, no gov last very long, the us is bound to fsll, its the evolution of politics.

    1. If you can read anything beyond a comic book,…

      Lulz. You tried your best at coming up with an insult but I’m sorry to say that this blog doesn’t hand out participation trophies. Maybe you’ll do better next time.

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