They’re Just Teasing Us

Nobody likes a tease:

This week, the 78-year-old Koskinen began his third retirement. And he says the IRS is still a distressed organization. “When Eisenhower left office, his message was: Beware the military-industrial complex,” Koskinen said. “My message is: Beware the collapse of the IRS.”

The collapse of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? Why is he trying to get our hopes up so high? I think most of us know that there’s no way in hell that the federal government would allow its revenue generating arm to collapse. If anything, the IRS would be the last department that would be allowed to fall.

But can you imagine a world where the federal government didn’t take a huge chunk of our income? Not only would you have more money in you pocket to do with as you please but it would severely hamper the federal government’s law enforcement and military capabilities. Perhaps the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives wouldn’t be able to run guns to Mexican drug cartels; the Federal Bureau of Investigations wouldn’t be able to radicalize random isolated individuals, give them a fake bomb, arrest them, and claim credit for thwarting a terrorist attack; the National Security Agency wouldn’t be able to continue its massive surveillance program against us; and the Drug Enforcement Agency wouldn’t be able to continue waging its lethal war on drugs. A world without the IRS could be a beautiful one indeed. Let’s all hope that Koskinen’s warning has some kernel of truth behind it and that someday the IRS could collapse.

One thought on “They’re Just Teasing Us”

  1. Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex. Instead, we ended up with the military industrial complex, the education industrial complex, the Healthcare industrial complex, the welfare complex, the environmental complex and several flavors of the law enforcement complex of which big gun control is a member in good standing. Each of these government entities have dedicated themselves to the idea that failure obviously means we have not spent enough on the particular agency. Indeed, mission failure is necessary to grow the business; which really makes me suspicious of the recent spate of mass shootings. They fit the agenda a bit too well.

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