Objective Truths

Should books on a bookshelf have their spines facing out or in? I never realized that this was even a debate but apparently it is:

“Man, do people hate it,” she says, talking about the way she stacked her books. “It’s silly that I have to say this, but I do read and I like books, too.”

Why might anyone wonder? Maybe because Ms. Meininger, 33, who lives in Hannibal, Mo., had arranged her books backward, with the spines facing the wall.

The minimalist look has caught on in certain design circles. By turning books around, the taupe and white page edges are shown on a shelf instead of book spines that often don’t match the rest of the décor.

Much like the use of the Oxford comma, this seemingly subjective debate actually has an objectively correct answer: spine out.

2 thoughts on “Objective Truths”

  1. How was this even a thing to debate? How are you supposed to know what book is which if you can’t see the spines take all of them off the shelf one by one?

    1. If I walked into a home where all of the books were turned so the spine was facing in, I would be left to assume that the owners were illiterate and therefore viewed books as nothing more than decorations. That’s the only logical reason I can come up with for doing this.

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