A Lot of Websites Don’t Fix Security Issues

Last year Google announced that it would be removing the Symantec root certificate from Chrome’s list of trusted certificates (this is because Symantec signed a lot of invalid certificates). This notification was meant to give web administrators time to acquire new certificates to replace their Symantec signed ones. The time of removal is fast approaching and many web administrators still haven’t updated their certificates:

Chrome 70 is expected to be released on or around October 16, when the browser will start blocking sites that run older Symantec certificates issued before June 2016, including legacy branded Thawte, VeriSign, Equifax, GeoTrust and RapidSSL certificates.

Yet despite more than a year to prepare, many popular sites are not ready.

Security researcher Scott Helme found 1,139 sites in the top one million sites ranked by Alexa, including Citrus, SSRN, the Federal Bank of India, Pantone, the Tel-Aviv city government, Squatty Potty and Penn State Federal to name just a few.

The headline of this article is, “With Chrome 70, hundreds of popular websites are about to break.” A more accurate headline would have been, “Administrators of hundreds of websites failed to fix major security issue.” Chrome isn’t the culprit in this story. Google is doing the right thing by removing the root certificate of an authority that failed to take proper precautions when issuing certificates. The administrators of these sites on the other hand have failed to do their job of providing a secure connection for their users.