Fight! Fight! Fight!

Politics is the art of inflicting violence by proxy. Instead of going to their neighbor’s home and stealing their shit, a political activist begs a politician to do it in their place. Much of humanity has called this violence by proxy civilized. However, the “civilized” nature of politics seldom lasts forever. Eventually people begin to recognize that they’re being victimized. When they begin recognizing this, politics become more divisive and eventually reach a point where people begin performing violence directly:

A Republican candidate for the Minnesota House said Monday that he is recovering after suffering a concussion from an attack at a restaurant in St. George Township a few days earlier.

Shane Mekeland is running for the House in District 15B, an open seat that includes parts of Benton and Sherburne County. He said that last Friday night, he was “blindsided” by an assailant as he spoke to patrons at a bar and restaurant he wouldn’t identify.

Granted, this is a minor incident. But minor slap fights and brawls like this appear to be increasing and will likely escalate to more severe violence in the near future, which is the inevitable progression of politics.

2 thoughts on “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

  1. Well last year saw both the Gunman open fire at the Republican baseball team and Rand Paul’s neighbor deciding he needed to break his ribs, so this is a continuation.

    1. True. But this most recent incident happened here in the Minnesota, which is known as being a “nice” state, and thus is near and dear to my heart.

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