Designer Babies

A lot of people are up in arms after news broke that a Chinese scientist has claimed to have created the first genetically edited baby:

Speaking at a genome summit in Hong Kong, He Jiankui said he was “proud” of altering the genes of twin girls so they cannot contract HIV.

His work, which he announced earlier this week, has not been verified.

Many scientists have condemned his announcement. Such gene-editing work is banned in most countries, including China.

Assuming Jiankui’s announcement is true, which is an assumption that takes a great deal of liberty since his announcement hasn’t been verified, I can say that if I were a parent planning to conceive a child and a scientist came to me with a proven track record of genetically editing out susceptibility to diseases and genetic disorders, my checkbook coming out of my pocket would be the first thing in the universe to knowingly exceed the speed of light. But I’d also try to provide my child the best education possible because I’d be one of those asshole parents who care not one bit about what’s “fair.”

As a parent I would want to provide every advantage I could to my child so I understand why parents would allows Jiankui to perform an experiment that might remove susceptibility to HIV from their child.

One thought on “Designer Babies”

  1. If you had a family history of sickle cell, or hemophilia, or MS, Alzheimer’s, or any number of other problems, down to coronary heart disease, or any of the genetically linked cancers, you would certainly be justified in seeking treatment for your kids.

    And if any of these treatments are ever developed (or when they are) the people saying “This is unethical” will be stampeded by the parents DEMANDING that their insurance pay for the treatment.

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