The Ultimate No Shit Statement of the Day

OK everybody who is reading this have a seat and take a deep breath. Prepare yourself for the ultimate surprise of surprises. The BBC is reporting that Iran has a secret uranium enrichment facility that they have been concealing from the United Nations. I know shocking isn’t it? Who would have guessed that Iran would defy the orders of the non-proliferation act. It’s almost like a treaty written on a piece of paper isn’t work anything.

Of course the typical people are calling for heads to role. The typical people would be the United States, United Kingdoms, and France. Apparently nobody is happy that the genie still hasn’t been shoved back into it’s bottle. You know now that I think about it calling the facility a secret one really doesn’t work:

“This installation is not a secret one, which is why we announced its existence to the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency],” Ali Akbar Saleri, head of Iran’s nuclear agency, told the AFP news agency.

Yeah once you tell somebody about it I don’t think you can call it a secret.