Caracal Model C Pistol Recall

Last year a Middle Eastern firearm manufacturer called Caracal opened a subsidiary here in the United States, which gave us access to Caracal’s pistol line. I was very interested in the pistol because it was something new and shiny although the weird way the rear sight was a physical part of the striker assembly put me off. As it turns out, I’m glad I didn’t invest in one of their pistols because I would have almost certainly purchased a Model C and those are all being recalled:

Caracal is now issuing this recall of all Model C pistols in all markets, following the completion of a full investigation. Caracal is initiating this voluntary recall of Model C pistols because the safety of its customers is paramount.

This recall affects all Model C pistols, including but not limited to those with serial numbers which start with the following letters: HM, AA, AD, AG, CA, CB, CC, CD, CE, CF, CG, CH, CI, CJ, CK,CL, CM, CN, CP, CR and CS.

If you own or have access to a Caracal Model C pistol, PLEASE DO NOT LOAD OR FIRE YOUR PISTOL. Please contact Caracal customer care immediately to arrange to have your Model C pistol returned. Caracal will provide you with a full refund of the purchase price of your Caracal Model C pistol or vouchers for other Caracal products. Unfortunately, the potential safety issues cannot be addressed through a repair of the Model C pistol and all Model C pistol’s must be returned for refund.

I can’t remember the last recall where the company said they were unable to fix the problem. Most firearm recalls today tend to be upgrades to internal parts that failed under very specific conditions. To have an entire line declared bad and unrepairable is concerning. Hopefully their full size pistols aren’t found to be dangerous in a few months.