Seeing Through the Propaganda

Israel and Palestine are at it again. After Israel killed the top military official of Hamas, and posted the video of the assassination on YouTube (classy Israel, just plain classy), things have gone nowhere but down. After the assassination rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, which caused Israel to call in the reserves (isn’t it funny how quickly things spiral out of control). During all of this propaganda has been flying every which way. Of everything I’ve read so far the most outright disgusting piece of propaganda I’ve seen so far was the following statement made by Netanyahu:

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Hamas “deliberately targets our children and they deliberately place their rockets next to their children.”

Hamas his deliberately targeting Israeli children? Let’s talk about children for a moment. How many children have been killed by this pissing contest between Israel and Palestine? Quite a few, but the numbers are certainly skewed against Israel. By September 2000 1,477 Palestinian children were killed by Israelis while 129 Israeli children were killed by Palestinians. Adding the totals since September 2000 we get 2,863 Palestinian children killed by Israelis and 258 Israeli children killed by Palestinians. Looking at the numbers it seems Israel is the one that has a higher propensity to target children.

Somebody reading this will probably try to label me an anti-Semite as that is the traditional insult of Israelophiles. Such a charge would be entirely false. In fact I don’t like either Israel or Palestine. I’m an anarchist, I don’t like any state. All I’m trying to do with this post is point out the propaganda and explose it for the falsity it is. Honestly the only way this fighting will end is if the people in each country give their respective governments the boot. Until that day people on both sides are going to be killed and state agents on both sides will be spewing out propaganda to win the hearts and minds of the world in the hopes of rallying public support for their wars.

How Obama Celebrated His Reelection

How did Obama celebrate his reelection? By killing people of course:

On Wednesday morning, as many Americans sifted through the voter data and exit poll numbers of President Barack Obama’s reelection the night before, the Twitter feeds of close watchers of Yemen lit up with reports of another sort of presidential event: an apparent U.S. drone strike had killed several individuals in that country.

What a classy guy. Being the Huffington Post the article goes on to discuss the difficult task Obama faces regarding foreign policy. What the article didn’t discuss was how the mentioned foreign policy issues facing Obama aren’t difficult at all, Obama already has the answers and those answers involve murdering people. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Iran, and the rest of the Middle East pose little challenge in Obama’s mind because he believes that death solves all problems.