ClickToFlash Safari Plugin

Once in a while I like to post useful or interesting tools I find scattered throughout the Internet. Well I will openly admit I hate Adobe Flash. It’s a massive resource hog that generally does nothing useful but certainly gums up a web page. But every so often (YouTube) it’s useful.

On Firefox I deal with such things via NoScript. But most of the time I’m using Safari and I haven’t found a nice lightweight tool to accomplish the same thing. Happily I can say I found such a plugin called ClickToFlash. It’s simple, instead of Flash code loading on a webpage you get a little box that says “Flash” in it. If you want to play it you click on the box and the Flash loads. You can whitelist sites, like YouTube, so all the Flash content will load without you haven’t to do anything for that single site.

Anyways it’s useful, small, and single purpose which are the type of tools I like.