Fat People Are Environmental Hazards, Cause Global Warming…

Check this article out…


According to this article fat people should be considered an environmental hazard because they help advance global warming. Direct from the article…

“The study concludes that being overweight or obese ‘should be recognized as an environmental problem’ because of its contribution to climate change from additional food and transport emissions.”

Expect to hear from Al Gore soon on how we should round up all obese people and execute them to save the planet. Seriously though this whole bull shit with global warming is getting out of hand. Every prick and yahoo out there is willing to do a study to prove X causes global warming so they can get grant money.

I’m all for reducing pollution and such but let’s think critically about this. According to the global warming chanters there is no longer a debate and anybody who things otherwise is mentally insane. On the other hand no study has actually been performed looking at any other possible causes then human caused.

And there is a reason behind this, if you say anything that countermands the idea that global warming (shit I forgot it’s called the redundant phrase “climate change” because this year was a record cold year and the ice caps are at their highest since the ’70’s) you can’t get any grant money. So much for the scientific process but I digress.

Oh well I guess we should just start charging fat people for more carbon credits. Hey that’s a new tax scheme, don’t base it on a person’s income base it on their weight. Oh I’m so patenting that idea!

Just like everything causes cancer soon everything will be labeled to cause global warming.