Armed College Student Saves the Day

Here is a story showing a great example of why you should be armed…

A couple of punks broke into a college student’s home. They separated the men and women then made a remark about having enough bullets. Well the student, Tom Jones (It ain’t unusual… yup that song will be stuck in my head all night), decided he had enough and pulled a gun out of a back back and let one of the assailants have a bullet.

He then moved to the room with the other thug, who was getting ready to rape Mr. Jones’s girlfriend, and let that punk have a round of justice as well. This punk managed to jump out a window and run, although not very far. Apparently even criminals can’t survive long when they’re leaking blood.

Unfortunately one female student was hit by crossfire but luckily is planned to make a full recovery. We should all congratulate Mr. Jones on defend his life and the lives of his friends.